2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Odds to Win

The March Madness brackets have officially been released, and outside of a few teams who are waiting for the First Four to conclude to see who they’ll be matched up with, everyone is preparing for their opponents in their biggest games of the year.

Of course, this is the time of year for great hope for one and all. No matter if you’re Duke or Mount St. Mary’s, you believe you can win the NCAA Tournament. That said, it takes a lot for a team that isn’t a No. 1 or No. 2 seed to ultimately get the job done. The No. 7 Connecticut Huskies did the job in 2014 though, and they were 250 to 1 at the outset of the tourney before cutting down the nets, so you never know when that next incredible longshot is going to crop up.2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Odds

That said, this is a year where it really feels like there’s a fairly clear divide between the teams that really should be in the Final Four and the ones that shouldn’t be. Take the nine biggest favorites, the teams who happen to be the No. 1s and No. 2s plus UCLA. They’re all lined from Duke and North Carolina at +600 to Louisville at +1400 while covering every spot in the middle. The next closest team? That’d be Oregon at +2500 — and who knows how good the Ducks will or won’t be now that Chris Boucher’s season is over with after getting hurt in the Pac-12 Tournament. After that, it’s 30 to 1 back to Florida, Florida State and a host of others.

Again, that’s not to say that a team won’t come from the 30 to 1 or higher ranks to win the natty, but odds have it, one of those top nine teams will end up as the champ.

Villanova is the top overall seed and is the favorite to win the East Region, but sort of paradoxically, Duke, the No. 2 seed in the East, is the favorite to win it all. It’s proof that these two teams are rather interchangable at this point, and we also have a fairly good sense that the Blue Devils would be favored if those teams met up today.

The easiest route to the Final Four? That belongs to Kansas. North Carolina and Kentucky will have to sort out their differences in the South Region, but Kansas is more or less alone. Louisville is the clear outlier of a No. 2 seed, and Oregon feels like it would have had that spot had Boucher not gotten hurt.

And then there’s Gonzaga. The Bulldogs went 32-1 this year, the best record in the nation, and they stormed to the WCC title without any muss or fuss. The only problem? Arizona is waiting in the wings, and the Wildcats reached the No. 2 seed in the West by winning the Pac-12 Tournament and beating UCLA and Oregon in a span of 24 hours.

Odds To Win the NCAA Tournament

Duke +600

North Carolina +600

Kansas +800

Kentucky +850

Villanova +850

Arizona +950

Gonzaga +1000

UCLA +1200

Louisville +1400

Oregon +2500

Florida +3000

Florida State +3000

Purdue +3000

SMU +3000

West Virginia +3500

Virginia +4000

Baylor +5000

Butler +5500

Iowa State +6000

Michigan +6500

Minnesota +7500

Notre Dame +8000

Wichita State +8500

Wisconsin +9000

Cincinnati +10000

Maryland +10000

Michigan State +10000

Oklahoma State +10000

Rhode Island +10000

Saint Mary’s +12000

Northwestern +20000

South Carolina +20000

Virginia Tech +20000

Middle Tennessee +25000

Arkansas +30000

Creighton +30000

Dayton +30000

Marquette +30000

Miami +30000

Providence +30000

Seton Hall +30000

VCU +30000

Vanderbilt +30000

Wake Forest +30000

Xavier +40000

Nevada +50000

USC +50000

Princeton +85000

East Tennessee State +200000

Florida Gulf Coast +200000

Bucknell +500000

Iona +500000

Jacksonville State +500000

Kent State +500000

Mount St. Mary’s +500000

North Carolina Central +500000

New Mexico State +500000

New Orleans +500000

Northern Kentucky +500000

South Dakota State +500000

Texas Southern +500000

Troy +500000

UC Davis +500000

UNC Wilmington +500000

Vermont +500000

Winthrop +500000

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