The Super-Nanny – Episode 4

On the Super-Nanny Monday night was a pretty good one.† A couple on the verge of divorce with 5 rambunctious boys all different ages.† Vania the mother had filled for a divorce 6 months ago and still is holding onto the paper work, but no signatures have been done to complete.† She does not want a divorce and neither does Ken, but they state things are hard and because of the kids are just too much.† Watching the show last night neither parent are never together in the same place and if they are its no more then 10 minutes before Ken is out the door.† They have a Taxi service and Vania is left home with 5 boys to take care of on top of the phone calls that are coming in for taxi service.† Ken leaves the house to drive the taxi but also stays out as he really doesnít want to face the drama at the house.† Vania, was going crazy as all the boys did were hit each other, fight, yell and not listen to there mother.† She was taking calls and trying to take care of the boys, but everything she did was not working and she would take sides on the older kids which Alex and Dawson from a previous marriage.† Gesh 5 boys now that is a lot of work and no disciplining going on.† Clearly you can see that the problems between husband and wife have a huge effect on the boys and they are crying for both parents attention and to play with them.† It was very disturbing to hear Ken blame his kids for the way things and that is a cop out in my opinion where kids have no idea about things and are to be directed by the parent in teaching them.† Joe ďsuper nannyĒ was upset to hear both parentís comments and boy did she lay in on them about things and they both took it very well.† Both cried a lot during the show and both didnít want to get a divorce, so Joe worked on both of them first and then proceeded to the kids.† Both parents would clock in and clock out and at all times only 1 parent was around to attend to the boys which was Vania and she was frustrated and exhausted belong belief and just wanted to give up.† Joe had taught Ken and Vania that spending some quality time with the boys and played with them things started to change and the boys were more happy and easier to deal with and both mother and father were getting along great.† Ken had a talk with Alex the oldest one and told him that he had did some things wrong and wants to fix and be the dad he is to be and you could see in that little boys eyes how happy to hear his father say something like that and to take the time to play with boy the oldest together.† The boys didnít trust each other with the littlest things which created a problem with them in general.† Joe taught him how to trust one another by taking care of 1 of there favorite toys and each boy had to pick a brother to watch there toy for 1 week.† Well they all picked mommy and daddy and there is where Joe saw the no trust factor in the family.† In the end the boys trusted one another and start to play nice with one another and the parents didnít go through with the divorce but to work on there family with the new tools Joe left them with and they are both doing very well.† In my opinion when parents spend just an hour or more if you are not on the go with work and things, but that time you spend with them quality time, makes all the difference in the world in there eyes and bonding with your kids and discipline them when its needed kids will grow up to be good ones.† Until next Monday 15th, will be another episode of the Super-Nanny where a widowed mom of 4 kids has gone wild.† All new ones to come.†