The Dr. Phil House – Man Camp Finale

A controlling wife out of control and sister Ahnika feels her husband of 10 years is going to leave her and the kids are going to suffer. Jason says his wife makes him feel emasculated and not manly at all. Sharissa controls brother in law Jason – treats him like shit – no matter what I do itís never good enough and she is so bad. She talks down to him and she never stops after 10 years of this he canít take it no more. She doesnít agree with dominating word fills like a more psycical thing then controlling. She is always complaining and complaining nothing is ever good tells him I canít believe how cheep you are sometimes. She admits she is bad and would like help.. she does it in front of the kids tells him he is not smart enough to figure it out he doesnít have the right to discipline the kids he doesnt know how to so I do or he cant do it the way i want him to do it. Dr. Phil people that are controlling are never happy. sister says its hard for Jason to be man because her sister is just tearing him down; Jason has to learn to defend himself and says he is totally whipped; Sharissa has had controlling problems ever sense she was a kid and sister is saying she is destroying there family and the kids and Jason is going to leave her. she really wants him to step up and take control but Jason says no matter what he does itís never good enough. Sharissa admits what she is doing is wrong Dr. phil ask her is this about u not having control or about him not taking control and its probably not about Jason at all its about your self in fixing you to fix things right; Sharissa doesnít know what to say or what to do to fix things or get in the direction she needs to be in to fix things. Jason feels she has a mentally problem in and she keeps telling Dr. Phil I didnít say he wasnít smart and dr. phil says this is the 5th time u corrected me – they started laughing. sharias is use to always be in control of the conversation so she starts correcting dr. phil and she asked dr. phil will this classes help me he said yes she says what do I expect or what do I need to do and dr. phil says just show up and sit and listen. she then comes back and say what are they going to do and Dr. Phil say what they feel they need to do to help you – it was pretty funny and dr. phil was laughing and those faces he gives off say it all. Sharissa always had a serous look on her when she was making her comments. sharias is off to counseling to get help so she can save the marriage and her kids.

Personal slave – Jodi says she done catering to her husband franks every need and putting up with his abusive treatment. Frank says its womanís job to server the husband and he has to scripture to back it up. O he can go eat a!!! Frank also says I donít understand why my wife just wonít obey me like she said in her wedding vows. Thatís her job im the man and she is the women and that is her job not mine – O my word!!!! Jodi says frank is getting bad and just canít take it anymore. He is dominating man since the day I met and treats me like a slave. “You allow him to do so he does” frank thinks his role as a husband is to work pay bills and come home. Franks says I wear the pants in the family because itís normal and natural and he has to do what he has to do – o your so into yourself what century were you born in. Frank says itís a Jodyís job to clean take care of the kids, cook the dinner and all that stuff and he doesnít care what people think. Jodi gets a list from frank that tells what to do from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. Now that is just too much – come on Jodi girl get a grip. Again frank makes his comment “I just donít understand why its so hard to do what she is suppose to do” O frank shut up with that; Jodi has to lay out her husbands clothes and even has to take off his shoes when he comes home. Jodi was recently in a wheelchair where both her legs were broken frank made me clean and even though I was in a wheelchair he expected things to be done. Jodi would use her arms to clean and wheel herself around the house doing the chores and ever scooted herself down the stairs to do laundry – O frank im going to knock
You out, what a jack ass. Frank has even told Jodi that he wants her to look like when she was 16 – bleach blood – 120 pounds she says “I am so miserable and cant take it anymore” Here is frank “I just want my wife to be a wife and what she is to do then comes and says – she has told me I need to perform my manly duties for her and his response – I like making love just like the next guy, but I’m tired and exhausted. She puts the kids first before me “auh poor poor frank” and I feel like the man is the head of the house and the women is under the man the children are under the parents and I have scripture to back it up. Iím the man and thatís my job and thatís the way itís been for thousands of years. Yea frank back in the cape man days you J/A. Man you should have seen how dr. phil laid into him about whoís job is what and at the same time how can you allow him to treat you this way. Frank has agreed to get help in fixing his ways and to see if he can save his marriage. Hopefully frank will get a wake up call and treat his wife better and not teach his kids this way and Jodi can get a strong back bone and not allow any man treat her life a slave. Part 5 & 6 finale: Today was more arguing and fighting going on between the couples. Dr. Phil sits down with Scott to have a talk about his anger problem and how he can control it so it doesnít get out of control. He is feeling really confident that he can do it so Dr. Phil asked Scott to tell Tara that he will never yell at her again. Cherie and Tara never held back on how they donít approve of Amandaís job as an exotic dancer and they confronted Nik by the pool, telling him ďhe should take responsibility for all his marriage problemsĒ. Like these ladies are any better. Dr. Phil now gets together some intense exercises to help the couples better understand each of there partners point of view. As the couples do there exercise and each standing in front of one another letting them know what he or she really wants, emotions start coming out and the group gets closer to one another. They start to be compassionate and supportive of each other and Dr. Phil moves onto explaining the rules of how they can fight and how they all need to stop what they are all doing to their children. They all get to see a tape of there children and there comments they all get it and the message is as clear as it can get. The couples have vowed to changed their ways and to control there dysfunctional behaviors they have and to start working on getting closer as a family and work together to make it stronger.

Part 5 & 6 The finial has come and they have been out of the house for (4) months now Ė how did these couples do: Tara was keeping secrets from Dr. Phil while being in the house and now she is ready to come clean. One of the issues Tara couldnít deal with and was upset about was Scotts drinking and when they left the Dr. Phil House the next day Scott went down hill and went out drinking. Tara said she really regrets keeping that from Dr. Phil and now he gets drunk at least 3 or 4 times a week, wow that is a lot. Scott says he is not an alcoholic and I donít go out and just drink beers and I donít have a problem and drinks when itís appropriate. Okay Ė Scott blames Tara for his drinking and Scott states that Tara has to be nicer. She comes back and says ďhow can I be nice to him when all he has done to me is wrong for so longĒ. Itís hard to be nice and now he wants me to be this perfect person. Now here is Scott saying he is trying to take in account what Dr. Phil said and following his advice. Itís hard with Tara though as she thought it was going to be magic. They meet Dr. Phil, he bumps them around a bit and knocks some sense into them, and we are healed and it doesnít work that way. Tara calls Scott names all the time, calls me worthless father. These two just know now if they are going to make it or not. They are still in the same position as they were when they started the show. Scott is going on a (90) day no substance and said Tara will find something else to bitch about but I will do it. Scott also said he will give Dr. Phil 90 days if he thinks it will help and if that is what it takes and I will do my part to prove I am doing my part. If nothing improves and I have done my part then I will feel better and we can go our separate ways. Tara agrees so letís see what happened later with these two. Will they make it or will they fold.

The other two couples have done better. Cherie and John leave the Dr. Phil house and it was a turning point in there marriage. Cherie apologized for walking out of the Dr. Phi house and that she needed more work to be done on there marriage. John took to heart the comment Dr. Phil made ďYour interaction in the first four minutes will predict the quality of the rest of the dayĒ, and now John always reminds Cherie about the (4) minutes of the day. John said its very important to him and Cherie smiles. Since Man camp we have had a couple of disagreements, but they donít argue about it anymore, they work together and work it out. Thatís great!!! John and Cherie are doing very well and get better as the days go on and are really happy with things now. Onto the last couple Amanda and Nic, and Amanda has ended her affair with the other guy to work on there relationship with Nic. After they had left Man Camp they were struggling financially so Amanda went back to work and was worried about the money so she kept stripping Nic stated, but then 6 weeks later she quit her job as a dancer. She now works at a college as an assistant to a job replacement coordinator making an honest living. Good for you Amanda. When Dr. Phil told Amanda to grow up it really hit home with her and opened her eyes to a lot. Since the Dr. Phil Man Camp there marriage is on the way to being good and they are happy now with things. They take all the advice from Dr. Phil and continue to work on there marriage to make it stronger. We will continue to follow Tara and Scott and see after 90 days will they go there separate ways or will they have work it all out.